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Ready Microbiology System is one of the main manufacturers in Chennai, India with experts having more than 15 years experience in manufacturing Pre-poured Culture Media plates, tubes and bottles (PPM) and intend to supply Microbiology Laboratories in Health Care, Veterinary, Environmental Services, Food, Dairy, Drinking Water, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries. Our unique product formulations will help to have optimal recovery of fastidious microorganisms such as Eikenella, Haemophilus and Neiserria, on enhanced Chocolate agar and with good haemolytic reactions on Sheep blood agar. The colony size is usually larger due to enriched formulations.

All our PPM products are quality assured and manufacturing facilities adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

Our PPM products features are:

  • Quality control tested according to latest CSLI M-22 A3 and M-23 A2 guidelines.
  • We produce our media using high-quality dehydrated culture media and automated production lines to get consistent performance.
  • We are experts in collecting, defibrinating and pooling large volumes of Sheep blood with necessary collecting instruments and with special bags for collecting and pooling of sheep blood.

Ready Microbiology System has in house R&D to standardise various formulations of culture media. A key feature in the success has been the skill and knowledge of its staff and extensive testing of the products using control and clinical strains. Products are released for commercial production only after satisfactory results in research are obtained.

We started working on following Research projects,

  • Chocolate agar with bovine haemoglobin.
  • Biphasic culture system for customers who cannot afford automated culture system.
  • Viral transport media, transport media for Bordetella, Campylobacter and H.pylori due to emergence of drug resistance, transporting the specimens under appropriate transport media have increased recovery rate considerably.
  • Rapid test kits and reagents in Microbiology.
  • Chromogenic culture media.
  • Culture media to prevent swarming of Proteus spp is one of the urgent projects since drug resistant Proteus spp is increasing and swarming prevents recovery of other pathogens in culture as well.

you can contact us for any product specification. A complete product literature is being prepared.

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