READY MICROBIOLOGY SYSTEM is started in Chennai, India on May 27, 2018 by CEO & Founder Dr.Khaleel ur Rahman, an American Academy for Microbiology Licensed Clinical & Public Health Microbiologist with wide experience in Diagnostic Microbiology and Diagnostic Product Manufacturing Industry in Hardy Diagnostics, USA and Ready prepared Microbiology Culture Media bulk manufacturing in Medical Disposable Manufacturing Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All the companies he worked with are ISO 13485 certified Microbiology culture media manufacturing company. He is also a visiting Consultant to Ready Prepared Microbiology companies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

READY MICROBIOLOGY SYSTEM focus on assisting laboratory healthcare industry by supplying laboratory equipment and reagents, providing expertise to support better diagnostics. We also manufacture custom made Ready Prepared Microbiology culture media products to suit customers' needs in hospitals, private laboratories, and also industries such as food and pharmaceuticals.

The company is currently negotiating with different suppliers in India, Europe and USA to supply laboratory equipment and reagents and kits to support healthcare industry.

We aim to be the best provider in manufacturing of Pre-poured Culture Media and defibrinated sheep blood and defibrinated horse blood, Laboratory Equipment and diagnostic kits and reagents in India and Middle East.


American Academy of Microbiology Certified.

Trained in ISO 13485 Microbiology culture media manufacturing facility in USA and MiddleEast.

Consultant for small and large scale production of Ready to use Microbiology Culture Media.

Established successful business in Middle East.

Research & Development of new Microbiology products used to diagnose infectious diseases.


Due to the growing demand of Ready to use Microbiology culture media in India, exploring business opportunity in India.


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