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We are one of the main manufacturers in Chennai, India for Pre-poured Culture Media (PPM).

Our PPM products features are:

  • Certificates of Analysis (COA) are available. You may download these COA templates under the individual product pages.
  • We produce our media using high-quality dehydrated culture media and supplements.
  • Samples of each lot media are tested according to CLSI guidelines and only satisfactory lots are released to customers.
  • Besides that, we can customize media and biochemical kits for you to detect microorganism of your choice. Our media ranges from food, clinical, pharmaceuticals to rapid water and air testing.

Ready Microbiology System manufactures four product types,

  • Pre-poured Plate Media.
  • Pre-poured Tubed Media and Bottle media.
  • Defibrinated sheep blood and Defibrinated horse blood.

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